Monday, April 19, 2010

Thing 23

Yippee! I made it!!!

When I first heard about the 23 Things program, I was excited, because it allowed me to get some tech training, but I had the flexibility to do it when I could. What I didn't count on was getting caught up in the new applications and then on top of it, spending hours learning/reading about what others found!
I am overwhelmed with how much information we have learned! My head is spinning! I have heard many of the terms associated with Web 2.0 before, but really didn't know what any of them meant. I live with a computer "geek", so half of the time I block the terminology out. I have to say though, 23 Things even taught my husband about Wikis!

My favorite things were Flickr, Delicious, and YouTube. I am still learning about my Wiki, widgets, and adding to my start page. My least favorite things were Twitter (although this is very useful as a parent following a class!) and voice threads. I am a little bit concerned that we will not be able to use everything that we have learned, because we covered so many things. On the other hand, now we know where to go if need more information on how to do something differently.

I really liked the format of 23 Things. One of my big hang-ups with computer applications is not knowing where to start. You made this really easy, by putting all of the links together in one location. I would definitely participate in another 23 Things. I know there are things that I didn't get to, such as "Prezi", that I would still like to explore. I do wish there was a better way to keep up with each other. I often found myself wondering if others had done this Thing or that and what they had found. Unless you are following everyone, and you have time to read every blog, you really don't have access to this information. Maybe the next 23 Things can address this? At any rate, whether it is exploring more of the same 23 Things or it is a new 23 Things, count me in for next time!

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  1. Congratulations! You finished all 23 Things!

    There was a lot to learn; but, as you said you can always come back to your blog or the 23 Things site.

    In terms of keeping up with the blogs of others, it is a bit tricky. It's one of those things where you need to decide how many people to follow and then perhaps use a tool like Google Reader to keep it from getting overwhelming. I know some people that did not read the posts of colleagues except for the one time I asked people to. I think that's fine....but I know I learned much by reading the posts of others. I hope you did too.