Monday, April 19, 2010

Thing 22

When I saw Thing 22 and realized that I had to teach someone something that I heard learned through this process, I immediately knew that I was going to show my daughter Flickr. She is the photo queen at our house. Kelsey is constantly taking pictures, uploading them, downloading them, finding programs to change peoples' faces, and making collages. The problem is we have pictures saved all over the place! I showed Kelsey the video that we watched on storing digital pictures and then using a site like Flickr to help us organize everything we've captured. We picked a large group of pictures to upload and start categorizing. What we quickly discovered is there is a monthly limit to the number of photos you can upload! That is a bummer!
Now as many of you know, you can't do something with one child and not with the other! With that being said, I sat down with both kids and went over customizing start pages. Each of them took a turn customizing their own pages and figuring out what should and shouldn't be on them. I made my page with NetVibes, but tried PageFlakes with the kids. We had some technical problems while we were using PageFlakes (not sure if it was on their end or ours), but interestingly, I think overall it was an easier site to use and I think I liked it better.
I'm glad I had a chance to share what I have been working on with my family. I think the things I chose to share first with them are interesting tools for the kids and they are likely to use them in the future. I am sure I will share more with them as time allows.

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  1. I'm glad that in sharing the tools that you learned more about them. I know that happens to me each time I teach.

    I also would like to commend you for sharing with your family. I think it's great modeling.