Friday, April 16, 2010

Thing 12

The Ta-da List immediately caught my attention because I am a big fan of making lists. I signed up for the site and made my first list. I don't think I would find much use in making these lists least not that I can think of right now. I really just like the ease of use this site to make quick lists and to check them off as I complete the tasks. The downfall seems to be having to keep the website up all of the time in order to stay on task. I tried to have the list e-mailed to my account, but for some reason, it did not work.
I also visited Quizlet. This is a neat site not only to make your own flash cards, but to search for and use ones that are already made. I found these pre-made cards had both fun (I can now say that I definitely know the names and mascots of all 30 NHL teams!)and educational uses. I can picture the Lower School students using these as another way to practice their math facts. The cards are easy to click through and even a second grader could use this site to quiz him/herself. :-)

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  1. I agree with your assessment of Ta-da. Quizlet is much more useful.