Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing 8

I like the look of Netvibes better than Google Reader. I have started a customized homepage, but still figuring out how to add everything I want on it. I want to keep the weather, because we use that every day to make a graph. I would like to add our e-mail, but not sure how yet. I really like the note option...much better than sticky notes attached to my laptop! :-)

Thing 7

I signed up to follow others' blogs and then also signed up for Google Reader. Once I was signed up for Google Reader I then subscribed to MSN...headline news, entertainment, and sports. At first, I had to go to my blog to see the updates on the blogs I was following, but then all of a sudden they started appearing on the Google Reader with the MSN feeds. That might change my opinion of the Google Reader in a few days, once I get used to seeing these with the news feeds. I do like being able to take a quick scroll of the page, but since I don't have other pages coming in, too, it is not much different than just having the MSN page up and scrolling the headlines there. Also, on the Google Reader, I get multiples of the same heading, which I don't need. Anyway, I can see the usefulness if you have a lot of different places you are going to daily, but for me, it isn't really practical.