Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thing 6

I had never of heard of nings until 23 Things. I found a ning for elementary teachers that I have joined. My membership is pending, so I will have to wait to for approval to do some more exploring. I was intrigued reading some of the comments, because it sounds like they share a lot of ideas through this site, so I hope that is what I find once I get in. My favorite ning was Kiddnation. This is for Kidd Kraddick and his morning show. I used to listen to him every day when I lived in Texas and that was 12 years ago! He is still on the air and you can listen to him live through the ning.

Thing 5

I joined LinkedIn almost a year ago, but as I stated in a previous post, didn't do much with it because I had a hard time following the format. I was interested to go back to it and explore a little further, especially since I now have some experience with Facebook. Unfortunately, I am still disappointed. I didn't find LinkedIn any easier to navigate and couldn't find friends (ones that had already requested me) when I did a search. Maybe someone can shed some light on what I might be doing wrong or what I am missing!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thing 4

I commented on somebody else's blog that like them, I tend to be more of a reader, rather than a responder. I don't usually comment unless something really strikes a chord with me. As much as I don't really like leaving comments, I do enjoy reading them...both on my blog and on others!
I know others wrote that blogging can give students a forum to write and say things when maybe they didn't get the chance to or have the courage to in class. It occurred to me that looking forward to and getting positive comments might be the extra encouragement other students need to write and express themselves.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thing 3

After reading numerous blogs, the one thing that I noticed was the writing style. It is just a conversation, like the person is standing there telling you these things in person. It is not in article form like you would see in a newspaper or magazine with topic sentences, etc.
One of the things that struck me about all of the blogs, was how do people find them? I'll have to admit, this is all new to me, and I haven't done any searching out of blogs on my own. When I read about kids doing their SSR on blogs I kept thinking the content I have been reading is certainly not kid friendly, but there must be some out there that are...yet where would I begin to search?

Thing 2

It took me several times watching the Web 2.0 video to understand what it was trying to describe. I think what I finally got was that Web 1.o is basically a person working with an application on his/her computer. The person then has the ability to send whatever he/she created to another computer user. Web 2.0 is a way of interacting and sharing information, while you are working/creating. There are multiple sites available to help with this exchange of information, such as Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube. I am somewhat familiar with these sites, but did not realize they were all part of what is considered Web 2.0. I am interested to learn more about some of the other sites, such as Flickr, which I have never heard of until we began 23 Things.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thing 1

Well, after beginning 23 Things about a week ago, I have finally stopped delaying the inevitable and made a blog. Can't tell you how much I dreaded doing this....sigh! Now that I have taken the plunge, at least I can get on with learning more about Web 2.0 and 23 things!