Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thing 21

I originally signed up for a Twitter account as a parent last spring when the fourth graders went to Chicago. It was such a terrific idea! I had never twittered before, and I haven't done much since, but it was very useful for that specific event. The teachers were able to send tweets at key times such as arrivals, bedtimes, departures, and getting close to school so come meet the bus! They also through in a few extras when they had to time, just to update us about what was going on with the kids. It worked well because all of the parents were updated at the exact same time. I had a sixth grader in Toronto at the same time and they did not twitter, but I wish they would have! I read that they are considering trying to twitter this year and I would highly recommend it!
I found the TweetDeck application for Twitter and added it to my laptop. I like the organizational quality, although I am not quite sure of all it has to offer. I noticed that it had a facebook icon on it when I first signed up (although I can't find it again), which I am excited about. Maybe I can combine the two updates of both coming into one place??? That would be very cool. I am going to have to log into my facebook account and track down TweetDecks!

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  1. I think it's okay to use Twitter for special projects and ignore it otherwise. It does not need to be a life changing tool.

    And TweetDeck indeed can post updates to Facebook. That's what I do. But then people actually think I commonly use Facebook...which I don't. Oh well.