Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thing 14

This thing is the most complicated so far for me. I can see how it can be useful. In fact, I think it would be interesting to use it instead of the Wiki we are currently using to have the kids make comments on a story we are using for a read aloud. The time consuming factor is setting each of the kids up with a user name and non-descript picture identity, but once that is done, I think the actual process of comment via a voice thread would be quicker (and maybe more interesting) than having them type their comments. I also like the idea about putting a picture to start a story and having the kids add a sentence to continue it. That would be a creative project they could do. The reason I think it is complicated is that I am not quite seeing how you make the connection with people from all around the globe for this application. The site wasn't as easy to navigate and I didn't think the different threads available to view were organized in a helpful way. Maybe I am missing something???
I did sign up for the threads and say hello from Michigan, although it was in text, since I don't have a microphone! :-)

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  1. It does take time to set up the accounts but the non descriptive photos are automatic, I believe, if you don't upload a photo.

    To get a global audience, you need to have a vehicle to promote your Voicethread. It could be through a Ning or some other social networking site.